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When it comes to technical automation solutions, we are pioneers! Over the years, we have mastered the art of automating technologies that range from natural resources to energy to life sciences to aerospace industries. We have decades of experience in automating businesses. All our solutions are carefully fine-tuned to meet business requirements. Regardless of how challenging or simple your business need is; we are here to cover it for you. We take pride in offering field assistance, expert engineering support, training, precision management, fluid power products and filtration equipment.
Our engineers have contributed drastically in areas like heating, automation, fluid power and fluid handling. Over the years, we gained recognition for our process control systems and products too! These products are used in many industrial applications.
A key selling point of our automation solutions would be creativity and flexibility. All the solutions are customized to meet and exceed customer requirements. Even as we design a potential automation solution, we abide to industrial standards. Our business processes, centers and services are governed by local regulations.
We are our engineers and architects! All our automation solutions are a result of their innovative prototypes! Indeed, we can improve your productivity and ensure high performance.

Our People

 Anne M. Mulcahy once said, “Employees are a company’s greatest assets – they are your competitive advantages. You will want to attract and retain the best …. Make them feel that they are an integral part of the company’s mission”.
 Over the years, we have delivered many intuitive automation solutions through skills and talent. The core of our business would be our employees! They have the skills and talent required to translate problems into solutions and leadership abilities. Our team is carefully trained to achieve high levels of efficiency and competency! They will make sure your project is delivered in the best and timely fashion.
 Our engineers, technicians, support team and maintenance professionals have received vast amounts of training. They have years of experience and are specialized in various domains. May it be a simple repair or a dangerous field job, our technicians will meet and exceed your expectations. Indeed, our team has received factory training from global control manufacturers. We also provide them with advanced training classes on a regular basis. They are educated to use the industry’s finest and best equipment.
 If you are looking for a long-lasting business relationship, look no further! We have the best of people for your business requirements. 

Our Business

We are a skilled business with premiere software solutions, repair services and maintenance strategies for industrial automation companies. Our services span from electronic, industrial and biotechnology domains. What makes use special and one-of-a-kind would be our “talented team”, “a decade of experience” and “state of art equipment”.
Over the years, we have embarked ourselves as a talented group with sound automation solutions. We have skilled engineers who can cover you through all circumstances. Whether you belong to the pharma industry or a part of risky oil refinement processes, we will help you with the automation! Our experts have repaired more than 1500 automation units and have worked with 50+ renowned manufacturers. In addition to automation services, we take care of replacement, repair, service exchanges and refurbishment of devices too.
The heart of our business is “automation”. We have always focused on the use of original equipment and novel ideas. The way we save energy, effort and money has helped us bag many loyal customers. Together, we have come up with cost effective and high quality solutions that have geared “businesses” in many ways.
With us, you don’t have to worry about your industrial automation needs. May it be a spare part change or a new solution, trust us!
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